May 31, 2010

RestInPeace : Merata Mita.

Im still in some shock, after hearing that Merata Mita died today. I met Merata at the Sundance film festival in 2004, when I was there with 'Water' & Taika was there with 'two cars, one night'. We had drinks & I expressed my respect to Merata, who is essentially the godmother of Documentaries of Aotearoa. She directed 'Patu' in 1981 & 'Bastion Point' as it happened in 1978. Her most recent work is a Documentary on the Nia Glassie case, which is although incomplete & roughcut, is going to air ahead of the Doco I am working on : 'the Sound of Hope' on June 27th. It was & will be an honour to follow her Doco with ours on that Sunday in a months time. Hard to believe this filmmaking legend has passed so suddenly, as I saw her this morena at Maori TV after having a meeting there. Yet somehow seems significant that her last moments were on the front steps of the Maori TV premises. May she rest in much peace. If you have not seen her work, do the right thing & go watch these historical windows into our complex turbulent history of Aotearoa.  Respect & thoughts to the Mita & Murphy whanau.


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