May 5, 2010

'David Farrier' in2views 'HomeBrew' after the after par tay.

Here's the follow up to the 'Nightline' story that 'David Farrier' did the morning after the after party of the FUNdraiser, that we held to raise funds to make a video for 'Under the Shade', after missing out on the classic high budge NZonAir funding. You may know the happy ending to this Underdog story already. We had much fun role reversing like backing the truck up on the party in retrospect.  'David' was a great sport to come through & 'act right' with a part 2 story to hear just how the night went down..                                       [& happy Cinco De Mayo by tha way.]

If you missed the Part 1 of 2 of the TV3 Nightline story, which still gets YoTube hits, here tis :                                                                

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