May 12, 2010

Young Sid & Mr.Sicc. Chapter1 of our Doco.

Yesterday we shot the 1st day of our Documentary. The working title is 'the Sound of Hope', until the channel sends out the press release, its still somewhat confidential due to its subject matter. Although we are shooting & interviewing a handful of talented muso's of Aotearoa, its not a doco about music, its about their perspective on a crucial unspoken topic, that is overdue for a spotlight. It will air towards the end of June, so closer to the time we can reveal more about it all. Yesterday was Day1 of many over the next few weeks, with a great minimal crew with the sharp eye of & talented cinematographer Andrew Stroud, [who shot the 'Brother' video for us & some of Sid's solo Vids]. The Diamond whanau opened their home & minds to us for the Doco, where we shot in Otara, SA. Thanks to Sid, Los, Vince & Fam. Respect.

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