May 10, 2010

Be a Man. Russell Peters last night rocked Aotea Centre.

Eye finally saw my personal favorite stand up last night. The almighty funny Canadian, Russell Peters at Aotea Square. He killed it, and also our stomach & jaw muscles while he was at it. My mate Phil Bell turned me onto him on DVD about 5 years ago, introducing my mrs & I to classics like 'Be a Man' & 'Somebody is gonna get hurt real bad'. Shanks for the great night Guyan & Mahesha. Anyway, suffice to say, last night was the perfect end to Mother's Day. Which is just how he started the show; asking how many mothers were in the house, so the Mum's cheered & then he said 'Happy Mother's Day' & paid respects, etc.. Then asked how many Fathers, and most of us responded in pride, & so he replied '...Oh Yeah? Happy Mother Fuc*ers Day!'


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