May 21, 2010

Kotuku Choir. Chapter2 of our Doco. [Wellywood]

Last weekend we filmed in one of my childhood suburbs in rainy Karori, Wellytown to meet a powerful & moving youth choir. Sharon Thorburn founded the Kotuku Choir, to give a diverse mix of teens somewhere to come to write, sing & express themselves in any way they chose to. The result is a multi cultural collective of remarkable & talented youths so blew us away as a crew. They sang like angels with big hearts in the rain. Kia Ora, Fa'a fe tai & thanks to them all for their open minds & open arms.


  1. awesome photos Chris and crew, Kotuku is really excited and we had the BEST time sharing with you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It rained but nothing stopped the pure joy of just being together and singing that hope out strong...

  2. Hi,

    Is there any mail to contact this choir?. Please