May 3, 2010

Mr.Diamond's album out finally & showcasing it tonight.

the talented Sidney Diamond drops his album today after years of work. When I say years, its been a while coming, as I remember shooting him in the studio with Emile in December 08', right after I shot the Savage video for 'Wild Out' on Malibu beach. In fact I landed in NYC to stay at Kirk's place on the day of my 37th birthday, as Sid was already there & so we hit some Manhattan clubs, where I have blurry memories to introducing Sid to his 1st night on my personal favourite, scotch, where we danced with some local ladies just at the time when the crowd was going nuts to 'Arab Money' by Busta. Heres some clips from our time there. Brings back good memories. Anyway, it seems like a short age ago, but today the album's out, in fact the same day as Mr.Wadams album, which recalls when Curtis & Kanye dropped the same day. Tonight the Young one plays his album showcase with a full band. I caught up with him on thursday & he is amped for the gig, to play with a band & the release after all this time. Congrats to the Bro & MTC & Kirk. I'll be up in there.

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