June 5, 2010

Askew & the Dconz Gathering.

on Thursday night my Bro Askew, who I regard as one of the best graf artists in the country, organised a shoot for the latest Decepticonz music video he's directing. Elliot aka Askew started making music vids recently, with that minimalist Rik Codero approach & its great to see the new school hiphop video makers hear in Aotearoa coming through. Tim Van Dammen & Andy Morton doing some niceness work too. Anyway, back to the busy photo above at hand, shot by the talented Brotographer Rimoni [go here for more pics from the shoot]. Thursday was a real gathering of a huge collective of Aukalangi hiphophistory, a rare reUnion of the near entire community. Even if some of us are Welly & other city immigrants. It reminded me strongly of our Stand Up music video shoot that I made back in 2004. 6 years later & most of the same faces are still grinding & making quality. & the above shot was just the 2nd group of two that he shot that night, so only about half of the respected contributors. Below are some of Askew's recent music videos that eye rate. Looking forward to the completed montage of folk above, all up in Ellz next video that he is editing while he is currently in Papeete, where he is at a Graffiti gathering / conference, of all places. Im concerned about my overacted appearance in the video, after more than 10 years of making local hiphop videos, it was my 1st proper cameo, where I did my bestest to deliver a Mareko lyric : 'my Flows breathtaking, like an Asthmatic'. Watch this space, & be ready for a laugh within a serious video. More photos below as a trailer to the comedy. Shot Askew. Shot NZ HipHop. Keep on keeping on.

BigRex aka Mareko [L] who wrote the lyric that I attempt below, with Tati Urale [OG of Galatos].

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