June 25, 2010

Che & Tigi Ness. Chapter8 of our Doco. [Aukalangi]

In the midst of the 12-16'hr post schedule days wrapping up the Doco, I have slipped in posting the final sample stills from our last shoot day. The last chapter of our Doco seemed so suited by going to the legendary Tigilau Ness' home in Western Springs, where we talked with him & the younger legend, his son Che. They spoke openly & by fortunate late timing, two of Che's sons came over just after school to join in on the couch of wisdom. For their chosen song, Tigi & Che were the first in our 'Sounds of Hope' doco to cover someone else's material. They picked Bob. Of course. Marley that is. To hear which song, you will have to tune in when it airs this weekend. & after months of work on this crucial topic, I can't wait to hear them sing it again. Kia ora.


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