July 23, 2010

Homebrew & Dconz [their final gig] @Studio, K.Rd.

a Couple of weekends ago, was a hiphop night out to remember. Decepticonz' final concert as they released 'Evolution', [that music vid is below, directed by my man Askew] ten years together's as Dconz are good innings & much good music. David Dallas, Usual Suspects & Homebrew opened for them & as always, it was great to catchup with the community. TMD, the most documented, were all over with cam's for hands. [Jamie the Deap1 & Rimoni the Brotographer] Shim & TangataPasifika were in the house too. No photos of Homebrew performing, as I shot Vid footage on stage for our ongoing broject. Twas a great, late night.

This is the video that Askew shot, lining up the the old & new schools, much like a distant cousin of Stand Up. I blogged about it a few months ago. Cameos Galore. Spot the scotch pouring asthmatic.  & below that, some footage of the night, courtesy of the AyeBro crew.


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