July 7, 2010

Grant Smithies reviews 'the Sounds of Hope' Doco [Tamariki Ora]

In the Sunday Star Times, Grant Smithies reviewed the two night spotlight on Child Abuse that Maori TV shone on the topic. Below is what he had to say of our Doco :: 
[Also the link to the 'Sounds of Hope' website, where you can view some scenes & songs from the Doco, as many people have asked, so there we have it & you can view some of it]

"Following each show is Tamariki Ora : The Sounds of Hope', an unusually intimate and affecting doco in which local musicians talk about their own families and sing songs dedicated to the children of Aotearoa. Produced by Michele Bristow and directed with great sensitivity by Sione's Wedding director Chris Graham, each segment is shot in such a way that you feel you are sitting beside these people as they sing. Maisey Rika sings a song to Nia Glassie on the beach near her home ; Young Sid raps from a playground where he used to play ; Little Bushman's Warren Maxwell plays us a song between playing with his kids ; Dallas Tamaira of Fat Freddy's Drop sings on a wild and windy Wellington Night. Che Fu, SJD, Don McGlashan, Hollie Smith and the Kotuku Choir also contribute."

"...And I feel deeply moved having seen it. Watching an advance copy of 'Sounds of Hope' doco had me weeping big salty tears and not just because the featured musicians had transformed harsh reality into beautiful music. I cried because this was about me, as much as anyone. Growing up in Whanganui during the 1960's, my own father would regularly become so furious with the world that he would punch me, kick me, throw me against walls. His violence permanently damaged our relationship. As adults, we barely spoke to each other, and he died a few years ago consumed with regret. I am living proof that very few people in this country are unaffected by family violence, either directly or indirectly, which is why we all have a lot to gain by watching these landmark shows."


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