July 17, 2010

'Music is Choice' ~ Trinity Roots Doco Screening.

Last Sunday at the NZFF film fest, we caught the Documentary 'Music Is Choice' which is a retrospective on Trinity Roots. You can view the Trailer hear : Directed by Sarah Hunter, it was a warm Doco, full of laughs & memories, as you'd expect from these Bro's who I've known for more than a decade now. When I had just arrived back from living 7 years in NYC in the 90's, upon returning to the hometown Welly, I heard 'Trinity' [as they started out, at Fidel's & at 'shopping'] & approached them to say I was keen to document them & eventually to make Music Videos for them. Years later, we made 'Little Things' & then when they disbanded, I proposed we make 'Home, Land & Sea' as a live swan song gift video to the fans. [As well as the 'True Bro' : 'Wassup' parody Ad that we made one sunday arvo for laughs, & these are all posted below] So, to see this Doco at the festival on the big screen, was moving, while also strange to see my self up on screen for the 1st time ever. So Sunday was a long overdue reunion of  an extended Trinity whanau & kids. Yum Char prior, the screening & then a few Pints after across the road. If you are a fan of the band disbanded, I strongly suggest you catch the Doco in the festival. If you are a fan as I am, you may choose to cross your fingers for a reunion concert at some stage, some day, as I am. As it's these types of Little Things that really matter.



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