July 6, 2010

the Crew & Post Premiere Screening of our Doco.

Last Saturday we premiered our Doco 'Sounds of Hope' with the production Crew & also the all supportive Post team at Oktobor. They quickly became Fam within a few weeks of work there. The Doco wouldn't have looked as Flash without them. Thanks to the patient skills of Amy, my man Ganesh for inviting us in the house, lean Steen, the sharp eyes of Kenny the Colourist, the titles & flame work of the YanKiwi Andy & the titles of Guy. The author in the back in black with the glasses is my right hand man, Paul Maxwell. He makes me look good. I mean makes my work look good. He is one of the best editors in the country, & was the mind behind making 'Siones' funny, my short film 'DayDreamers' etheral & this Doco as emotive & thoughtful as it is. Cheers Bolo. I mean, your name is Paul. Thanks everyone, eye owe youse.

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  1. What a handsome bunch! Right back at yer Mr. G.