December 17, 2010

Stills from the Young Sid vid shoot for YOU.

Second night in a row that we are editing through the long morning hours, a reflection of just how busy December is. YOU has been an unconventional formation of a video, since it started when I shot Sid & Sicc at their house in Otara back in May for the 'Sounds of Hope' about NZ's child abuse pandemic. [You can see scenes from our Doco here.] Then Kirk Harding called asking if I could make a music video out of the Doco footage we shot of Sid's acapella of the song YOU. The sync drifted some but we figured we could. So we shot Deach the week after. Then I got busy in Ad land, MTC hit up NZ on fAir for funding, I was down with knee surgery & 6 months later in November we shot the other half of the video.

Hayley & the good fam at Clover Park school in Otara helped us find a dozen great kids to memorise the song over a few days, then we returned to shoot these kids deliver Sid's crucial message. As you can see, a wide range of talented & gorgeous youth learnt the song for the shoot, although most knew it already as Sid being a local hero having attended this school as a kid. He was in NYC working on the new album when we shot this, but Tyree, Juse & Aaron repped. It was a great day in the SA sun, thanks to a generous & skilled crew,   the school, Twice as Nice for a emotive beat & Sid for a deep track, silver scroll worthy. Its also my first music video in nearly two years since I made this one. No doubt, after we complete post, MTC will announce when they will drop this video next week sometime for You.

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