August 16, 2010

TrinityRoots will release new live album. [CD&DVD]

TrinityRoots to release new album

TrinityRoots to release new album
[press release]
One of New Zealand's most loved bands, TrinityRoots, announce the upcoming release of Music Is Choice. A CD and DVD package that captures this magical trio at their peak live in concert and reveals the heart and soul of the sorcery that created that magic.
TrinityRoots, after six years, two and a half albums and many gigs across the earth, played their final concert February 13th 2005 in a sellout show at the Wellington Town Hall. It has been a long wait for fans - but finally,Music Is Choice is offered to fill the void with live audio from their last concerts on CD packaged with feature length music documentary and bonus footage on DVD.

TrinityRoots stopped at their zenith. These live recordings accurately reflect that. Like the TrinityRoots studio albums, they are sure to become a treasured piece of NZ music history from a band that had won so many hearts with their genuine soul-baring music that connected the listener to the land we live in.

The DVD includes the documentary directed and produced by fan and friend Sarah Hunter. With generous amounts of footage of the band rehearsing, performing, and philosophising the viewer is transported on the very special journey that was TrinityRoots. Bonus footage includes the memorable 'Little Things' clip directed by Chris Graham (Sione's Wedding, The Ferryman) plus an awe inspiring look at the making of that iconic NZ music video.

Through their multi-award winning career the  band released two highly acclaimed albums,True and Home Land and Sea, both of which reached Platinum status in New Zealand. All previous releases are being re-issued on the same date as Music Is Choice with bonus tracks on both True and Home, Land and Sea.

TrinityRoots played with some of the world's top musicians; Ben Harper, Lee Scratch Perry, The Mad Professor and Rockers Hi-Fi as well as local stalwarts Fat Freddy's Drop and Salmonella Dub.

TrinityRoots: Warren Maxwell (Little Bushman, Fat Freddys Drop), Rio Hemopo (Breaks Co-op) and Riki Gooch (Eru Dangerspiel).

TrinityRoots - Music Is Choice(Live Album) CD + feature length DVD doco
Release Date: September 6th
CD Tracklisting: 1. Aotearoa   2. The Dream  3. Just Like You   4. Touches Me   5. Egos 6. Little Things  7. Two By Two  8. Home, Land and Sea  
DVD Tracklisting: 1. Documentary 'Music Is Choice'  70 mins   2. 'Little Things' music video  3. Making the 'Little Things' really matter   4. True, bro - promo ad  5. 'Home, Land & Sea' music video   

TrinityRoots - True - re-release September 6th
TrinityRoots - Home, Land and Sea- re-release September 6th with bonus tracks

TrinityRoots - Little Things (E.P) - re-release September 6th

"beguiling and beautiful.. there has never been anything quite like it and yet somehow it sounds like home" - 100 Essential New Zealand Albums, Nick Bollinger.

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