August 6, 2010

Battling with Beats. [Hollywould vs. MPC WellyDid]

some talented writers Im working with on a feature project put me onto this shocker of a 'what our project shouldn't be' trailer for a new Hollyweird film, which almost plays like a parody of itself. 'Battle'. It looks like everything that wrong with 8'mile [including looking into a tagged mirror shot] & without the electrical battle scenes that were everything right with 8'mile. Looks like hiphop producers & beat makers are decidedly hot material in HellAy right now. The trailer also reminded me of a short Doco piece I made back in 2002, for the classic night at the DansPalais with the who was whom, back in the day of the productively incestious Welly music scene. Way Ahead of the 'Battle' film & just slightly more real.           Get your MPC on Welly.

             & circa 2002, Wellywould & Did. Oh whatta Night.


& circa 2008, the ReMatch, but I was shooting elsewhere & so wasn't there.. Ota took it out.


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