April 16, 2010

HomeBrew's Radio & Drinking Tour of Duty

To promote tomorrow nights party, we made these webisodic skits of the homebrewcrew & the 'street team' visiting a
handful of poncesonby radio stations. we had many laughs improvising these clips & I shot them on my SLR in under
2 hours. chairs to my man Nath Pickles for the tight edit. Come down to the Party @ PlayThing Gallery asta manana night,
6-12am to support the FunDraiser for us to make a Video for the crew's song 'Underneath the Shade' & see a range 
of local underground talent. Part1 is more informative about the party, while part2 is far funnier. Promo's are thirsty work.

If you wanna see more of the Homebrew Humour & their other webisodic adventures, click here: a little boy waits.


  1. Yup Bro, Nikon D90. All of these. Not bad. as in bad, but as in Good.

  2. Yeah nice little thing the D90.

  3. Shot Saia, only just realised its you from the Usuals. Respect.
    Thanks for showing up Sat Night & playing for the benefit.
    eye got some great footage of you guys performing & should get it to you sometime.. On that old D90. Fa'a fe tai again Uso. Im a Fan.

  4. Hey bro - just wondering if Im able to get the Homebrew Fundraiser gig footage off you for Usual Suspects set??

  5. Saia, its a sad story.. I wood if eye could, but someone we both know lost the footage.. He had the card, lost the card, lost most of the footage I shot all night. Im sorry & Mad as about it. If I had it, I would gladly get it to you guys, that was my intent for all the bands on that great night...