April 10, 2010

a Fast month.

Excuse my absence, Im still getting used to this blOgligation & its been quite the fast month. I was in the land of Oz for just over two weeks, initially with whanau, but then to Sydney to hustle work. [to the tune of everyday Im hustling, hustling, hustling.] Now Im back home, aotearoa, back home to my writing shed, as the fam stay in Oz for 2 more weeks. I sure miss my girls. I came back early both for work & also for some screenRighting. I found last year that the only time that I can really be productive on my screenplay is when Im alone. So upon getting home, I didn't leave the house for 3 days & got my productivity on. It felt great. My film Idea is finally alive again.  & so I feel more alive.

As an aside, I also thought it was the right chance to tick something on my bucket list & try fasting. Not for dietary or religious reasons, but just for good old curiousity. Much of the world is still starving, Ive always been curious as to what true hunger feels like. Day1 was a conversation with my appetite, who was eventually understanding. Day2 was headaches & dizziness & less productive on the writing tip. Day3 I felt elevated & great. Clear headed, sensorially lifted, very present, & didn't even really care for food. I had lost all appetite. But 72 hours later just before checking out the Jean Grae : Talib Kweli gig [chur Tim], I had a smoked fish pie & a little creatures pale ale. Probably one of the best sips of beer of my life.  Real Good. Really, really Good.  The fasting went by fast & in retrospect Im glad I did it, and based on how I feel these days following I expect I'll do it again someday. When my Mrs talented cooking isn't around again that is.


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