September 25, 2010

Ruatorea : the Nati Awards on the Coast.

Last Week I was invited to be a guest speaker at the annual 'Nati Awards', where all of the East Coast colleges & all schools compete in a variety of media studies. the other guest speakers were the all mighty all girl hiphop crew 'ReQuest', who took out the World Champs this year in Las Vegas. If you havent seen their routine & win over there, watch it here. It was great to meet those girls & their manager Brett, as well as all the warm folk from the Coast who looked after me during my two days there. Especially Paora & Daryl who I stayed with & then sent me back on the plane with four Cray's as carry on. Kia Ora to Jasmine, Leanne, Taryne, Tai & all for looking after me. I had a blast & one day I'll be back with the whole whanau. Tu Meke.

The next morena, I looked around the smaller towns & through Tikitiki to pay respect to Wi Kuki Kaa's grave, which is yet to be unveiled next to his whanau. Then back to Gissy through Tolaga.

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